Welcome to the Garbin Research Group. We are based in the Department of Chemical Engineering at TU Delft.  Our expertise is in microscale transport phenomena in soft and biological matter. We perform fundamental research to help develop innovative solutions for sustainable processing, drug delivery, bioprocessing, self-assembly and soft materials. We use a combination of microscopy, microfluidics, and acoustofluidics, to provide precision dynamic measurements on the micro- and nanoscale. We are currently studying extreme deformation of complex fluids and interfaces, stimuli-responsive capsules for formulated products, and flow-induced cell breakup for bioprocessing.

Left to right: Axel Huerre, Diego Baresch, Akaki Jamburidze, Saikat Saha, Brice Saint-Michel, Valeria Garbin, Fangyun Hu, Marco De Corato, Lezhi Wang (June 2018)