Group Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our previous group activities :

Lunch at Dishoom Kensington celebrating Ak’s PhD thesis submission, June 2019 (Saikat, Sung Suu, Nerine, Valeria, Brice, Ak, and Francis)
Christmas Lunch at CERU, South Kensington, 2018 (Ak, Saikat, Nerine, Brice and Valeria)
Group picture at McBain Medal Meeting 2018 featuring alumni Vincent Poulichet and Axel Huerre, December 2018 (Nerine, Axel, Brice, Valeria, Ak, Saikat and Vincent)
Garbin group successfully escaping from a WW2 bunker in Kentish Town for Axel’s leave, June 2018, with 45 seconds on the clock (Diego, Saikat, Brice, Marco, Axel, Ak and Valeria)
Selfie at Pop Brixton in June 2016 for Toshi’s farewell party (Valeria, Vincent, Christiana, Toshi, Marco and Axel)
Beam time at Diamond Light Source, February 2016 (Vincent and Christiana)
Lunch at Eritrean restaurant, July 2014 (Martina, Marc, Vincent, Zhengqi, Valeria and Angelo)