The Garbin Lab is moving

We are excited to announce that the lab is moving to TU Delft. Our research group joins the Transport Phenomena section of the Department of Chemical Engineering. We are already offering BSc/MSc projects for students of TU Delft, and soon we will advertise new openings for PhD students and postdocs.

The past 7 years in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London have been very productive and successful, thanks to the creativity and perseverance of our PhD students and postdocs (Vincent Poulichet, Angelo Pommella, Marc Tinguely, Christiana Udoh, Akaki Jamburidze, Axel Huerre, Marco De Corato, Saikat Saha, Diego Baresch, Brice-Saint Michel, Nerine Joewondo) and to the support and friendship of colleagues, particularly Omar Matar, Serafim Kalliadasis, Ronny Pini, João Cabral, Paul Luckham, Roberto Rinaldi, Klaus Hellgardt, Geoff Maitland, Mengxing Tang, James Choi, John Seddon, and many others. Thank you!