Postdoc on Bubble dynamics for broadband microrheology of complex fluids (deadline 24 September 2021)

Project description

We are looking for a postdoc with a strong background in rheology and an interest in developing novel rheological methods based on bubble dynamics. The deformation field around a stationary, spherical bubble undergoing a change in radius is simple and localized, thus making it suitable for rheological measurements [Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 50, 101392 (2020)]. In addition, the deformation imparted by bubble dynamics can reach extreme conditions, being characterized by a large strain, or a high frequency. In recent years, our lab has explored emerging approaches to extract information on the rheology of complex fluids by analyzing bubble dynamics, for instance caused by mass transfer or driven by an acoustic field [Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 51, 331 (2019)]. Previous work from our lab has focused on using ultrasound-driven microbubbles for high-frequency linear rheology of hydrogels [Soft Matter 13, 3946 (2017)] and to locally deform and manipulate yield-stress fluids [Physical Review Fluids 4, 073301 (2019); Soft Matter 16, 10405 (2020)]. Recently we have combined controlled deformation by bubble dynamics with confocal microscopy of colloidal gels. In this project you will use controlled bubble deformation for characterization of soft materials, will consolidate the suite of rheological protocols that can be performed with bubble dynamics, and will further develop the technique and combine it with microscopy to simultaneously monitor the evolution of the microstructure. Ultimately you will be able to provide novel insights in the behavior of soft materials under extreme deformation conditions. You will join a diverse and interdisciplinary team working on microscale transport phenomena in soft and biological matter. The Garbin lab is embedded in the Department of Chemical Engineering, and the project offers exciting synergies with colleagues in the Department of Bionanosciences, and with an international network of collaborators.  


We welcome applications from candidates who hold, or are near completion of, a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics or related disciplines. Applicants should demonstrate: a strong background in rheology and soft matter physics; experimental skills (required) in rheometry, imaging/microscopy, and image analysis; experimental skills (desirable) in confocal microscopy, microrheology, synthesis of colloidal gels; an interest in valorization of fundamental research, for instance the development of open source software; ability to communicate effectively with different audiences; an excellent track record in their education and research; excellent command of English (written and spoken); an open mind to collaborate with other scientists and industry.    

Conditions of employment

This postdoc position has a fixed-term contract of 1 year, with the possibility to extend for 1 additional year. The post is available immediately. Full details of conditions of employment available at this link.

Application procedure

Please see full details of vacancy and apply at this link. The deadline for applications is 24 September 2021.

Kinematics and dynamics of bubbles in fluids and soft solids. Reproduced from Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 50, 101392 (2020).